Whether it’s a humble accompaniment through active listening and speaking or the exploration of altered states of consciousness, my approach – inspired by scientifically established psychological references, but also by knowledge based on ancestral and universal wisdoms – is personalised and adapted to your needs in order to gain in well-being and harmony.

In other words, my approach is global, in the sense that it takes into consideration the entire human being as part of a whole. It tends to re-establish or consolidate balance on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Maintaining your psycho-emotional balance or regaining it after an ordeal while surfing on the waves of life requires taking care of yourself.

Depending on your request and the stage of your journey, we discuss together the specific coaching (personal development, mindfulness, mental preparation, return to the earth) and the steps to follow, because only you know – deep inside – what is good for you and what you really need. My coaching is that of the opening of a space which can welcome you and reveal you to yourself by proposing various methods and various care so that you can create, with the service of the evolution of the Whole, the achievement of your objectives and the life of your dreams.

These four axes of follow-up are meant to be integrative. They can therefore be intertwined or dissociated in order to best correspond to your needs and your request.

Finally, the proposed coaching can, according to the needs pre-established together, take place in my office or outside, thus privileging the return to the earth to better anchor and evolve on one’s own path.

Personal Development

Mental preparation


Return to earth

As an ordinary member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP) and the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine (ASCA), the sessions may be partially reimbursed by your complementary insurance. Please contact your insurance company for more information.