Integrative Psychology

As an ordinary member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP) and the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine (ASCA), the sessions may be partially reimbursed by your complementary insurance. Please contact your insurance company for more information.

My philosophy

Trained in mental preparation for sports performance, I came to the conclusion that the practices and exercises taught had much to do with self-knowledge. The famous engraving on Deplhi’s temple, echoed through the centuries and along the successive philosophical currents, reminds us to the ancestral and universal wisdom: “Know yourself and you’ll know the universe and the gods”.

As a matter of fact, whether it is about reaching an ambitious sportive goal or creating a piece of musical or architectural art, starting a business, feeling good in a private or work environment, healing, taking care of oneself or creating something that’s important for us, all these goals have one thing in common: the birth of an idea, of a thought whose final purpose is its manifestation in matter.

Thus, getting to know ourselves through techniques such as conscious meditation and breathing allows us to expand our field of consciousness to better the wonderful indicators of our state that are our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, we can – at any given moment – choose to feed what really moves us in order to reach self-accomplishment, to express through matter the very nature of our being, to serve the evolution of the Whole.