Personal Development

Personal development, or knowing oneself for an improved everyday life

Life gives us the opportunity, through the challenges it presents, to move towards the realization of who we truly are. However, sometimes it is difficult for us to understand them in order to evolve. It’s through relationships and words that we can untie the knots that prevent us from moving forward. The objective of this accompaniment is to consider a problem from another angle or perspective, thus allowing the establishment of an individual and personalized process in order to find the steps to take more serenely.

More precisely, I apply the motivational interviewing method, which was designed to guide you in a collaborative manner towards change. It’ s a person-centered approach that aims to make you  aware of the state in which you find yourself and leads you to verbalize what you can modify and change in order to maintain or regain your well-being.

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Le travail d’accompagnement de Christophe m’a permis de conscientiser mes forces et de rassembler tel un diamant toutes mes facettes. Nous avons cocréé un espace de ressources et de confiance. Sa vision fine et sage, son écoute de ma situation personnelle et professionnelle m’ont permis de rebondir et d’accueillir les épreuves et de percevoir les cadeaux que je ne voyais pas…

Je le suis infiniment reconnaissante pour son humanité, son professionnalisme et sa bienveillance

Justine, 42 ans, enseignante