Return to earth

The return to earth or how to anchor oneself in reality

Biodynamic viticulture invites us to consider all the telluric and cosmic influences that have an impact on the health and growth of the vine. By working with it, we can access its fragility as well as its robustness. Through observation, it is easier for us to provide care that is favorable to its resilience. But this is not a one-way relationship, quite the contrary. The work of the vine is meditative and conducive to introspection. It nourishes us, as Sandra Ingerman writes wonderfully in her book, Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth: “…the shamans I knew were rooted in the Earth, especially their native land, from which they drew their power!

This is how I propose to accompany you in this process of returning to the Earth, to better root yourself and to better face reality.